Meet Hanah,

Enter the world of Hanah, a remarkable black and grey tattoo artist whose passion for symmetry has become the hallmark of her distinctive style. Hanah’s journey in the realm of tattoo artistry is a testament to her self-taught prowess and unwavering commitment to mastering the craft. With an innate appreciation for balance and precision, she has seamlessly woven the art of black and grey tattoos into a symphony of intricate designs. Hanah’s work not only reflects her technical skill but also showcases a deep love for the harmonious interplay of shades. As a self-taught artist, she has forged her path, creating a space where the beauty of black and grey tattoos meets the allure of symmetry, captivating the senses with every stroke of her artistic brilliance.

Call/Text her: (541) 232-6788

Instagram: @inkbyhanah

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