Unfortunately, due to the nature of our business we don’t offer refunds in general.


Deposits are NON-refundable as our artists will begin working on your design the day that the deposit is paid. We will gladly reschedule if a valid excuse is provided, preferably in advance of your appointment, without an additional deposit required. If you just oops it or decide you don’t want the tattoo after all we will NOT give you the money back as the “work” you commissioned is already in progress. If you are running late or can’t make it to the appointment we will gladly work with you as long as you are not an idiot and/or refuse to communicate with us.


Sales are final when you leave the store. If you notice that the product is damaged after you leave, you will not be able to exchange it or receive any sort of refund.

We appreciate your business and want you to come back, but if something is wrong with an item you purchased in the shop, tell us before you leave.